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Falls Raise a Senior’s Risk of a Car Accident

— September 22, 2017 is Falls Prevention Awareness Day, a great time to learn about the surprising relationship between two leading causes of injuries in older adults. Falls and car accidents are two common causes of serious injuries in older adults, and can lead to disability, loss of independence and even death. Experts note that certain... Read More

Your 2017 Guide to Long-Term Care and Long-Term Care Insurance

— Hi everyone, Here is a great article on the need for long term care planning and the role of Long Term Care insurance.  Many of my clients do have a policy, but are concerned to use it, believing that the time is not right and maybe they should keep it for later, etc. What I... Read More

After Visits, Family Wonder About Alzheimer’s Disease

— The holidays are over and everything is getting back to normal – except, in the back of your mind, linger some nagging worries concerning one of the elderly relatives you visited. You wonder if this loved one could be in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Maybe you’ve shared your concerns with other family members, but... Read More

Holiday Tips for People With Diabetes

— Holiday Tips for People With Diabetes November is National Diabetes Month. Is it ironic or intentional that this recognition should fall at the beginning of the holiday season, when temptations abound, and travel disrupts our care routine? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that having diabetes shouldn’t stop you from enjoying holiday... Read More

Alzheimer Spouses Benefit from Counseling and Support

— November is Family Caregivers Month. Sponsored by the Caregiver Action Network (formerly the National Family Caregivers Association), this event is a time to recognize and honor family caregivers who do so much for their loved ones. This year’s theme, “Take Care to Give Care,” reminds us that caregiving can be stressful and can tax the... Read More

October is Physical Therapy Month

— October is Physical Therapy month and an important service available to all older adults, whether for acute rehab or ongoing strength training, and gait stability.  Physical therapists can be your greatest resource to assist with helping older adults stay safely home in their communities. In addition to working on muscle strength, balance and gait, the... Read More

Welcome to my New Blog

— Welcome to my first of many blogs to come.  I have changed my format for my blogs and will be alternating between providing you with interesting articles in the research literature, as well as experience gained through case studies.  I will be working with my clients and families to see who may want to share... Read More

Blueberries Are More Than Just a Delicious Treat—Especially for Older Women

— Thinking about topping your morning cereal with a cup of blueberries? Do it! Just one cup of blueberries per day could be the key to reducing blood pressure and arterial stiffness, both of which are associated with cardiovascular disease, said a recent study from Florida State University, published in the Journal of the Academy of... Read More