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Helping People Manage the Challenges of Aging

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For many, aging presents many challenges, including compromised or declining health, increasing pain with decreased mobility, memory loss and even finding a safe and affordable place to live.  Many consider these challenges simply part of growing older and live less comfortably and safely than they could or should.

At Elder at Home, we do not simply accept that disease and disability automatically come with age.  We have taken care of very physically and cognitively challenged 65 year old’s as well as very youthful 98 year old’s.  Yes, aging has its challenges, but it can also be a mindset and we are here to offer support.

At Elder at Home, we seek to guide the older adult through this next chapter of their lives by ensuring all their medical issues are understood and addressed, they remain as active as possible through outpatient physical therapy, walks with caregivers, exercise programs at the local senior centers, etc.  We encourage participation in the community, whether at a YMCA, Adult Day Health Program or Assisted Living.  Isolation and loneliness are too common.

Carmen is currently working to address the challenges with aging as a member of the Rhode Island Governor’s Commission on Aging.  She is also a member of the Isolated Seniors Subcommittee.  Both committees work to provide recommendations to the governor for future programming needs.

Through our care management services, we advocate for and empower older adults to get the help they need to age well.

Discover our process for helping you and your loved one put “life back into aging.”

  • We conduct a comprehensive in-home needs assessment to determine care needs and the appropriate level of care.
  • We act as a liaison to families and long distance caregivers.
  • We arrange and monitor in-home caregivers that follow the designed plan of care.
  • We work closely with the medical professionals to understand all of the medical diagnoses and treatment plan. We obtain all medical records and partner with all physicians to ensure there is strong communication throughout all settings.
  • We provide guidance and support through challenging issues and situations, offering crisis intervention and realistic answers.