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Elderly woman talking to nurse with pills.Do I really need a Geriatric/Aging Life Care Manager?
Geriatric/Aging Life Care Managers are an invaluable resource when trying to decide what the best options are for yourself or an aging parent. If you find yourself at odds with other family members over care decisions, are feeling overwhelmed or anxious about a parent who lives far away, or are starting to notice that your parents are “slipping,” hiring a care manager is the right choice. They provide a professional, unbiased perspective and can help you to recognize and solve problems you may not be aware of.

What is the usual process in having my older relative evaluated?
Our assessment usually begins with the initial phone call with the concerned family member.  At that point, we gather medical history and the current behavioral and care challenges.  Once all questions are answered, then an initial meeting is set up to visit the older adult in their home, assisted living facility or nursing home.  During this initial visit, an in-depth evaluation and record review is conducted to determine the client’s current medical, cognitive and functional health.  A full written report is drafted summarizing the assessment with full recommendations made with the associated costs.

What should I do if I feel that my parent(s) are no longer safe to live in their home? 
The care managers at Elder At Home understand the complexities between meeting the elder’s wishes and ensuring that they are in a safe and supportive environment.  During our initial visits, we strive to form a relationship with the older adult and build trust and cooperation.  With ongoing monitoring and assessments, we can assist you with feeling confident and comfortable with the tough decisions that may need to be made with housing.  Elder At Home is there to assist and guide you through this process and ensure a successful transition when needed.

What is the availability of services offered by Elder At Home? 
Elder At Home’s office opens at 9:00 am daily.  Our administrative assistant, Eileen Lacombe, is available to answer calls and contact the care management staff, who are usually on the road seeing clients.

Carmen Roy, the owner and director of Elder At Home is available 24/7 via cell phone, (401) 368-1088, and responds to after hour emergencies as needed.

Are Geriatric/Aging Life Care Management services covered by Medicare or Insurance? 
Geriatric/Aging Life Care Management is not covered by Medicare or health insurance, but some fees may be covered by a Long Term Care insurance policy. It is best to contact the policy holder directly to determine your Care Management benefit.

Can I afford Geriatric/Aging Life Care Management Services? 
Our initial free telephone consultation will review your needs with the options for services and costs.  Elder At Home provides a high-quality consultation and will work with you on an affordable plan.