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Welcome to my New Blog

Welcome to my first of many blogs to come.  I have changed my format for my blogs and will be alternating between providing you with interesting articles in the research literature, as well as experience gained through case studies.  I will be working with my clients and families to see who may want to share their stories.  I also hope to bring a little bit of Rhode Island culture, beauty and favorite places to our blog posts.

Today, we are jump-starting with an excellent article on the health benefits of blueberries for older women.  This coincides with the advent of blueberry picking season.  Not only is picking your own berries fun to do with your children or grandchildren, but healthy for us women as well.


Rocky Point Blueberry Stand

At Rocky Point Farm in Warwick, RI the 2016 Blueberry Season has started!  Please see their website to learn more about their high-bush blueberry plants, recipes and how to grow your own. (



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